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Volunteer Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions for Volunteers

How do I get selected to be a volunteer?

Based on our assessment, we will either invite you to proceed to the next step or decline your application.

What is a typical schedule?

Most shifts last three to six hours, the same day and time each week. We make it easy and flexible to schedule your volunteer hours. It all depends on our day to day needs and the volunteer’s availability.

Do you have student volunteer opportunities?

Yes, we have volunteer opportunities for high school, university, and post-grad students.

What are the times of most shifts?

Most shifts are scheduled within normal office hours. There are a few special occasions where shifts might vary.

How many shifts per week can a volunteer expect to have?

The minimum requirement of 10 volunteer hours per week will most likely be split into multiple shifts.

Can I receive a letter of confirmation regarding my volunteer hours to use for school applications or employment opportunities?

Yes, after you complete the minimum commitment of hours, can we provide a letter that reflects what your duties/responsibilities were, start date and end date (or if you are still active) and how many hours you have volunteered.

Can I volunteer different days every week? My schedule changes every week.

As long as that is clearly communicated with your supervisor we might be able to accommodate scheduling you for alternating shifts.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

The minimum age requirement is 18 years old.