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Marie-Claire Fickenscher, AS

Research Manager, Hoag Orthopedics

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Marie - Claire began working for Hoag Orthopedics in early 2017 as a Clinical Research Coordinator. Prior to joining Hoag Orthopedics, Marie - Claire worked at an Independent Review Board (IRB) for six years where she helped protect the rights and welfare of human subjects involved in clinical research. Throughout her time working at an IRB, Marie - Claire worked with major sponsors, ranging from large pharmaceutical corporations and device manufactures to small and growing biotechnology companies, as well as many industry leading contract research organizations (CROs). During this time, Marie - Claire gained a deep knowledge of all stages of clinical trials and mastered FDA regulations pertaining to clinical research.

Since joining Hoag Orthopedics, Marie - Claire has helped grow the research program by sharing her extensive IRB and regulatory knowledge to strengthen the research integrity. Marie - Claire has been integral in drafting orthopedic protocols and consent forms. She has begun managing multiple projects and administers informed consent and study questionnaires to these patients at numerous clinics. Marie - Claire enjoys working in clinical research as it plays a vital part in advancing healthcare and finding ways to help people live longer and more robust lives.

Marie - Claire received an Associate of Science degree in 2004 from Perimeter College at Georgia StateUniversity. Before finding her love of research, Marie - Claire had eight years’ experience in customer service and office management. Outside of Hoag Orthopedics, Marie - Claire enjoys beating her husband at board games, bicycling local greenways, reading, and playing with her goldendoodle, Lucy.